What is in the Loudoun County Public School Family Life Education curriculum?

Is it really that bad?

That’s a question only a parent can answer, and you know your child best. Only you can decide if your child should participate in the program or not.

​The Family Life Education curriculum was reviewed as it was made available to the parents through Loudoun County Public Schools. This may not include all the materials presented to students. See individual grade level for detailed information about what was included in our review.

Latest update: September 2021*

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

To review your child’s curriculum, visit the LCPS website HERE.

How to opt out your child:

Parents can opt their children out of FLE lessons anytime before the lesson is taught. Depending on your child’s grade and school, FLE lessons may begin as early as September. The only way to opt out your child is electronically through ParentVUE. For detailed instructions on how to do this, click HERE.