Family Life Education

Please note: LCPS does not give an option for partial opt-out. It’s “all or nothing.”

Parents can opt their children out of FLE lessons any time before the lesson is taught. Since the actual date that a given lesson may be taught can be difficult to determine, opting out early in the school year may be the most practical solution. Please see the following instructions on how to do this as opt-out forms are no longer being made available:

1.  Log in to your ParentVUE account at

2.  Select your child’s name who you would like to opt-out, and then click on Student Info from the menu on the left. 

3.  Click on the Edit Information button below your child’s name and photo.

4. Scroll down until you find the section titled Student Options.

5. On the line titled “Family Life Ed Opt Out” select option Yes to opt your child out of the FLE program.

6. Remember to submit/save your changes.

Additionally, you can email your comments on the Family Life Education program to the Loudoun County School Board as a group or individually online here:

Loudoun County School Board

Some FLE materials should be available for review upon request in the school libraries. DVDs, however, are limited in number and therefore parents will need to contact their children’s individual FLE teachers in order to review them. Teacher contact information can be found at the LCPS website HERE.

Universal Opt-Out form : Click Here