Parents and Concerned Citizens Strongly Oppose Gender Ideology and Critical Race Theory at LCPS

At the last Loudoun County Public School Board meeting, there was a great spirit of democracy in the air. Parents and concerned citizens overwhelmingly showed up to peacefully express their opposition to Policy 8040 and implementation of Critical Race Theory in curriculum. Others came to defend free speech and religious freedom on the gross treatment of Physical Education Teacher, Tanner Cross. There were over 200 speakers and only about 60 were heard once Senator Dick Black delivered his one minute comment. After his public comment, the majority supported his comments with cheer and clapping, which was deemed by Board Chair Brenda Sheridan as “unlawful assembly” and motioned to end the board meeting.

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Following in the footsteps of Arlington and Fairfax, the Loudoun County School Board is now creating specific policies designed to undermine students’ privacy rights and girls’ sports programs, and students’ and staff’s freedom of speech, including mandatory Queer Theory (not named as such, of course) training.
POLICY 8040:
Currently, Policy 8040 is under review in the Pupil Services Committee. This is the time to send your thoughtful feedback. Let the school board know how harmful this is. Feedback must be submitted through this online form:
You can also contact the Pupil Services Committee members: Leslee King (, John Beatty (, and Harris Mahedavi (

TIMELINE (probable):
May 20, 2021: Informational Item in Pupil Services Committee
June 3, 2021: Rubber stamp by the Equity Committee
June 22, 2021: Informational Item in School Board Meeting
August 10, 2021: School Board vote

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