Kids are Back to School But Are you Parents Ready? Here’s Parent Tool Kit For You….

LCPS Family Life Education: Have you opted your child out of FLE aka “sex education”?
Check out our LCPS FLE Review tab and go to your child’s grade level and complete the
LCPS ParentVue OptOut. But its not just the teachers teaching FLE that provide sex
education, ask your child if there’s any other curriculum teachers teaching sex
education or gender ideology or if they’re hearing it in Resource or Homeroom.

Complete the Universal Opt Letter we provided.

WOODGROVE HIGH SCHOOL teacher exposing students to repulsive content in class. On March 12, 2021, Timothy Greening engaged in outright grooming behavior with teens in his AP Psychology class. He expressed how fascinated he is with sex education and wanted to know how his students first learned about sex. He showed them a 15 minute TED Talk video that included: babies “masturbating” in the womb, explicit sexual language about women’s genitals, descriptions of sexual experiments on men and women, how to sexually stimulate a sow (female pig), how far men’s ejaculate can travel, and how to make “artificial semen.”

Policy 8040: Understand what this policy is and how this impacts your child. View Policy
8040 Click Here.
LCPS Diverse Classroom Library Books: Know what books have been bought in your
child’s grade level that they have “access”. Check out our sampling of books reviewed

Critical Race Theory: Do you know what it is? Get smart and check out Parents Against Critical Race Theory here. You won’t see a particular book titled, “Critical Race Theory” from LCPS. However, teachers are being indoctrinated and groomed in this “culture” and being trained to think and speak CRT so they can infuse it in the classroom.

Know Your LCPS School Board and Representative: Is your school board representing your values and protecting our children from harmful curriculum and physical infrastructure that don’t protect our biological girls or protect our competitive sports? Here’s what you can do…

  1. Speak at the next school board meeting. LCPS School Board meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month. The next meetings are Sep 28 and Oct 12. Sign up here to speak
  2. Sign the petition to remove unlawful members. Currently, there are 3 lawsuits filed against the LCPS board. Sign the petition here.

Get Ready for Elections. Virginia will elect the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and all 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates. Much of what is currently pushed by our local school began with a legislative initiative from the General Assembly or an administrative initiative from the Virginia Department of Education or State Board of Education. The Governor will appoint the Virginia Secretary of Education and at least two members to the 9-member State Board of Education, every year of their 4 year term.

The General Assembly currently has a democrat majority, in addition to Democrats holding the Governor, Lt. Gov. and Attorney General seats.

Don’t think that just because we aren’t voting for school board this November, that this election won’t impact our local schools.

The State legislature had directed the Dept. of Education to develop “model” policies for
accommodating transgender students, which were closely followed the LCPS in policy 8040. The State Board of Education will revise the Mathematics Standards of learning to implement restricting advance math classes until 11the grade, to be implemented in 2025-26 school year. See Article

Check out the Virginia General Assembly Report Card to see how incumbent delegates have voted on Family Focused Bills from our friends at the Family Foundation. Then you decide who you will vote for to help improve our education system in Loudoun County. Who will help get Loudoun County back to its excellence in education? Who will help parents and students who have been fighting for their right to full in-person learning, the right to single-sex spaces for using the restroom, changing clothes and showering; and the right to a quality education without divisive racial expectations?

Christian Leadership Forum

Parent and Child Loudoun has been urging pastors to speak out against the over-sexualized and violent reading materials, pro-transgender and racism promoted in Loudoun County Public Schools. PACL organized a Christian Leadership Forum in June 2021 to share expertise with Christian leaders. Of fifty representatives from churches, Christian Schools, and non-profits participated. The agenda included comments from:

  • Rev. Jerry Pokorsky, St. Catherine of Siena
  • Cathy Ruse, JD, Truth and Liberty Coalition
  • Maria Keffler, Co-found of Partners for Ethical Care
  • Scott Mineo, PACT and CRT Program manager for the Virginia Project.

Discussion agreed that churches need resources to help them teach foundational principles to help their parishioners/congregation to know Biblical truths and understand how contrary current education initiatives are to people of Faith.