Overall Review for Grade 9:

Opt-Out Recommended

Review Comments:

  • For the most part, the curriculum adheres to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) and promotes abstinence throughout the lessons and activities, HOWEVER:
  • “How Far Will You Go? Levels of Intimacy” slide lists a hierarchy of sexual activity. It starts with the highest level of physical intimacy first: “sex–oral, anal, or vaginal,” and then lists “genital to genital contact – outercourse.” See slide 10 of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships PowerPoint. (Boys and girls are together for this lesson.)
  • In-depth lesson on contraception including permanent surgical sterilization as a birth control option.
  • Anal sex and oral sex are defined in the 9th Grade Glossary and mentioned on two PowerPoint slides.
  • The Men’s Reproductive Health PowerPoint Presentation (boys only) has a very detailed animated image comparing an uncircumcised penis to a circumcised penis. Students are warned to “Look away if you do not want to see the picture…”
  • The Women’s Reproductive Health PowerPoint Presentation (girls only) has a very detailed animated image of female genitalia with a “Picture to follow…” warning at the top of the slide.
  • Boys and girls are in the same classroom as cross-section diagrams of male and female anatomy are reviewed. 
  • Students are instructed they can obtain birth control at the health department without parental permission/notification. 
  • The Sex Trafficking case study is deliberately gender-neutral. The program focuses a lot on online safety. The teacher reads a story about a 14 year old student who goes to a party with an older dating partner (late teens?). The victim is taken to a bedroom by the dating partner and pressured to have sex. Quote: “He kept trying and telling me he loved me even though I was telling him I just wasn’t ready. I just didn’t know what to do. What choice did I have? So I let Dani have sex with me. It was over pretty quickly and afterwards I really didn’t feel anything at all.” At another party, the victim drinks alcohol and is then raped by another person. The victim is then sex trafficked.
  • In the NetSmartz Workshop YouTube Video, two boys tell their stories of how they were targeted online and then victimized. There are no graphic images/descriptions.
  • The “Defining Sexual Assault” DVD is a valuable resource about consent and sexual violence. It is very supportive of victims, making it clear that perpetrators are 100% culpable for their actions. The video includes stories of sexual assaults as told by survivors, as well as important information about what victims can do after an assault, including seeking medical attention, filing a police report, prosecuting a perpetrator, seeking counseling, etc. There is also a segment on risk reduction and bystander intervention.

Curriculum Reviewed:

  • SOLs
  • “Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships” PowerPoint Presentation
  • “Reproductive Health – Split Day” PowerPoint Presentation
  • “Men’s Reproductive Health” PowerPoint Presentation
  • “Women’s Reproductive Health” PowerPoint Presentation
  • Additional “Relationship” slides
  • 9th Grade Activities pages
  • 9th Grade Glossary
  • “Be Smart, Be Well” video
  • Just Ask Prevention Project: Middle School EPI Curriculum – Trafficking, Exploitation, and Healthy Relationships, Grade 9 [Draft]
  • “NetSmartz Workshop – Survivor Diaries Video” YouTube Video
  • “Defining Sexual Assault” DVD

Note:  The following was listed as part of the curriculum but was reviewed due to time constraints.  Content of these materials may render a change in the color assessment.  Parents are encouraged to request that Loudoun County Public Schools make available these materials for review.

  •  “Sex Smart for Teens—Abstinence” Video
  • “Reality Matters: Sex and STDs” Video
  • “Coping with Dating Violence and Abuse” Video
  • “The Ticking Clock” Video
  • “How do you do a self breast exam?” Video