Overall Review for Grade 7:

Opt-Out Recommended

Review Comments:

  • Healthy and effective depictions of body parts, it was a healthy presentation of previous lessons with more detail and interactive discussion and lesson reinforcement with students, until Slide 32. 
  • Lesson 4 has important information & discussion about media influence.
  • “Abstinence from sexual contact provides 100% protection against contracting HIV sexually.” – Page 110 of Fact Sheet 3 – HIV Transmission (Puberty Workshop Curriculum)
  • Parents are highly cautioned for Day 2, Slide 32, “Where’s My Line.” This slide normalizes and unnecessarily introduces sexual activity, which instigates ideas for 7th Grade boys. This slide adds no value.
  • Grade 7 SOLs 7.5 states, “The student will identify messages in society related to sexuality and the Descriptive Statement: The teacher guides the student in discovering and analyzing messages about sexuality found in advertising media, music and videos, television, films, printed materials, and graffiti. Students learn to recognize gender stereotyping and sexual exploitation. They are encouraged to evaluate and counteract any negative effects identified and to engage in a variety of positive activities, rather than spending too much time viewing media containing negative components. Students will demonstrate how these messages affect mental health issues related to sexuality.”  However, Day 2 slides 33 and 34 omit much of what the SOLs 7.5 expect.
  • The workbook was fine although page 6 with “Circle the girl and Box the boy” has no educational value.
  • Condom use is briefly mentioned in a list of facts about STIs (Lesson 2, Slide 21): “Using a latex condom during sexual intercourse can reduce the risk of getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection but does not eliminate the risk. Not having sexual contact with a person who has had sexual contact with others is also helpful in reducing the risk of getting an STI.”
  • Sex Trafficking topic: In-depth discussion on social media (including how adults can create fake profiles to prey on minors), Internet-accessible devices, exploitation, and human sex trafficking. The teacher reads a true story about a 7th grade student’s experience with Internet scouting, grooming, child pornography, obscenity/sexting, trapping (blackmail), and child rape. Quote from the story: “I wanted to make sure Charlie was happy and didn’t have any reason to share those pictures, so I did it [had sex].” The story goes on to describe repeated child rape on a daily basis involving multiple offenders. “Well, unfortunately this random guy was not the only one that Charlie brought to the apartment. It seemed like almost every day I went to the apartment there was a new guy there that I had to have sex with.”

Curriculum Reviewed:

  • SOLs
  • 7th Grade Lesson 1 Boys PowerPoint Presentation
  • 7th Grade Lesson 1 Girls PowerPoint Presentation
  • 7th Grade Lesson 2 (Boys and Girls Together) PowerPoint Presentation
  • 7th Grade FLE Student Workbook
  • Teen Trafficking and Online Safety Grade 7 – Just Ask to End Human Trafficking Middle School EPI Curriculum [Draft]
  • “Be Careful What You Share Online (Sextortion 60 Second PSA)” YouTube Video

Note:  The following was listed as part of the curriculum but was not reviewed due to time constraints.  Content of these materials may render a change in the color assessment.  Parents are encouraged to Loudoun County Public Schools to make available these materials for review.

  • “Boys and Puberty” video link on Slide 12, Lesson 1 Boys
  • “How to Say No and Really Mean It” Slide 32, Lesson 2
  • Abstinence…It’s the Right Choice” (2nd Edition) DVD