Overall Review for Grade 5:


Review Comments:

  • Healthy and effective depictions of conception, fertilization and the development of the baby, and the coverage of multiple births.
  • Methods of self-protection and recognition and reporting of threats are identified and stressed.
  • There exists inconsistency between Standard Objectives of Learning.
  • The Child Safety slideshow defines child abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional), child neglect, sexual abuse: touching vs. non-touching.
  • In the “If It Happens To You: Dealing with Abuse” DVD, there were some problematic statements. After a boy told his school guidance counselor about being beaten by his father (black eye, broken arm), one of the things the counselor says is  “Sometimes people can lose control and hurt us” which is rather passive language and can imply that abusers are not completely culpable for their behavior (“control was lost” vs. “chose to hit”). The counselor also said telling a trusted adult about the abuse is important so that both the abuse victim and the abuser “can get help.” During a group therapy session for children who were victims of sexual abuse, the facilitator says to a girl who had been molested by her male babysitter: “Your babysitter has a problem. He needs to get help.” This implies that the molestation was not really a choice–that the “problem” took over and it’s because he had no help that he molested his victim.
  • The information in “A Baby Is Born” DVD is tastefully presented. Illustrations are subtle. Despite FLE teachers not discussing the direct “means & methods” of fertilization unless asked, sexual intercourse is introduced when the narrator says, “During sexual intercourse, the man deposits his sperm into the woman’s vagina.”

Curriculum Reviewed:

  • SOLs
  • Day 1 Boys PowerPoint Presentation
  • Day 1 Girls PowerPoint Presentation
  • Day 2 Boys PowerPoint Presentation
  • Day 2 Girls PowerPoint Presentation
  • Child Safety PowerPoint Presentation
  • FLE Teacher’s Resource Glossary
  • Supplemental Materials List
  • “If It Happens To You: Dealing with Abuse” DVD
  • “A Baby Is Born” DVD

Note:  The following is listed as part of the curriculum but was not reviewed due to time constraints.  Content of these materials may render a change in the color assessment.  Parents are encouraged to contact Loudoun County Public Schools to make available these materials for review.​

  • DVDs on Supplemental Materials List
  1. “Growing Up for Boys”
  2. “Growing Up for Girls”
  3. “Let’s Talk for Girls”
  4. “We’re Just Talking! For Boys and Girls”
  5. “Healthy Me: Having a Positive Body Image”
  6. “Healthy Me: Good Hygiene”