Overall Review for Grade 3:

Caution Advised
Caution Advised

Review Comments:

  • First presentation of actual graphics of male and female reproduction parts
  • Introduces sex education.
  • SOL 3.7 states, “The focus is on the concept that babies begin with a sperm and an egg, with a male providing a sperm and the female providing the egg.  This is an age appropriate, medically accurate introduction to reproduction and is not intended to be an explicit explanation of the sexual process.”  However, the PowerPoint presentation graphically walks through the reproduction process in a similar manner as Grades 5-7 with the exception of less detail. 

Curriculum Reviewed:

  • SOLs
  • Two PowerPoint Presentations (Note:  These presentation are identical in content with the exception that one presentation does not have the body part graphics on Slide 3 and Slide 5)
  • Supplemental List
  • Teacher Glossary

Note:  The following was listed as part of the curriculum but was not available at the time of review.  Content of these materials may render a change in the color assessment.  Parents are encouraged to contact Loudoun County Public Schools to make available these materials for review.

  •   Teacher Resource Kit
    • Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum
    • Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum 
  • DVDs
    • Let Me Tell You How I Feel
    • Dealing With Feelings
  • Books
    • Koala Lou—Mem Fox
    • Sophie—Mem Fox
    • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge—Mem Fox