Overall Review for Grade 10:

Opt-Out Recommended

Review Comments:

  • Overall, the curriculum adheres to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). Students learn about: alternatives for expressing feelings and affections (such as supporting a date’s extracurricular events), pregnancy and childbirth, and the positive aspects of family life. Abstinence is promoted.
  • Abortion is defined as “a spontaneous or induced ending of a pregnancy and termination of the biological life of the fetus,” however the word baby is used throughout the curriculum to refer to humans in the embryonic stage of development.
  • Lesson on contraception teaches about Plan B emergency contraception as well as permanent surgical sterilization for both men and women. 
  • The Life’s Greatest Miracle video includes a live childbirth scene including full view of the woman’s vaginal delivery as well as a view of her vagina afterwards.
  • During a mock long-term partner or marriage partner interview activity, students are instructed to ask each other about sexual compatibility: “How do you communicate? Do you fight fair? Are you emotionally open to your partner? Are you sexually compatible?”
  • Students are instructed they can obtain birth control at the health department without parental permission/notification. 
  • The Sex Trafficking program teaches students to recognize the characteristics of a healthy relationship vs. an abusive one.  Students are encouraged to consider their family’s views and values when it comes to dating, as well as to speak with parents or other trusted adults about dating before actually starting to date. The program gives important information about victim-blaming and how to avoid doing it. There is a heavy emphasis on the process of scouting, grooming, and trapping victims into sex trafficking, and there is an important focus on how self-esteem plays a role in creating vulnerabilities that are exploited by abusive people. The teacher reads a story about a 16 year old who is targeted by a 22 year old. After dating for a couple of months, the relationship becomes increasingly abusive. The adult pressures the teen for sex. Quote: “I told Devon I wasn’t ready, but I am not sure my message was heard. The next thing I knew we were both naked and Devon was on top of me. I said ‘wait a minute, I am just not ready’ but at that point it was too late, Devon was having sex with me. It was over pretty quickly and I really don’t know what to think afterwards.” The victim is later sex trafficked. 

Curriculum Reviewed:

  • SOLs
  • “Pregnancy & Childbirth” PowerPoint Presentation
  • “Relationships and Safety” PowerPoint Presentation
  • 10th Grade Activities pages
  • 10th Grade Glossary
  • “Life’s Greatest Miracle” Video
  • Just Ask Prevention Project: Middle School EPI Curriculum – Trafficking, Exploitation, and Healthy Relationships, Grade 10 [Draft]

Note:  The following was listed as part of the curriculum but was not reviewed due to time constraints.  Content of these materials may render a change in the color assessment.  Parents are encouraged to request that Loudoun County Public Schools make available these materials for review.

  • “How to End Unhealthy Relationships” Video
  • “Life Skills for Teens Volume 1 Healthy Relationships” Video
  • “Coping with Dating Violence” Video